Special Seasonal Services

The following seasonal services and special emphases help us celebrate and honor our traditions throughout the year.


On this Sunday we celebrate our Scottish roots at the Kirkin’ o’ the Tartans service with bagpipes, clan tartans, and the Rose and Thistle Luncheon. Kirkin’ Sunday is usually the last part of February or the first part of March.


Lent and Holy Week

Lenten Prayer Services: These 30-minute services are held beginning Ash Wednesday and ending the Wednesday prior to Holy Week.

Holy Week
From Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, we walk the foundation of our faith: Christ’s story of death and transformation. Special services include:

Maundy Thursday Service
Good Friday Tenebrae Service
Easter Sunday Celebration

Pentecost Sunday
We receive anew the gift of the Holy Spirit, sent by God to serve as a help and a guide as we all make our spiritual journey.

All Saints Day

We celebrate the people with whom we have walked on our spiritual journey as we read the names of those who have died in the past year.

Advent and Christmas

Festival of Lessons and Carols
The cantata — a service of music for choirs, congregation, orchestra, handbells and organ—is a highlight of the Christmas season for our congregation and the community. We read the scriptures and feel the music of new birth. This service is held during the 11:00 a.m. worship service on the second or third Sunday in December.

Joy Gift Offering
The youth choir delivers our program for this special service with a mini cantata and beautiful readings from the bible.

Christmas Eve
We celebrate this day of love a family service at 6:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary. We each carry a lighted candle as we worship, a powerful opportunity to welcome Christmas Day as a community of faith.

Christmas Day
A brief service of carols and readings, the Christmas Day service is casual and intended for excited children and weary parents. It is a time of joyful celebration, sweet fellowship, and holy recognition of the Savior’s birth.