Presbyterian Youth Fellowship

Batesville Presbyterian Church’s Youth Fellowship serves grades 6 – 12, for special events, and small groups to minister to our youth.

Core Values of the Youth Ministry

  • Fellowship: a group of believers gathered together to build each other up
  • Worship: to show honor and respect to God
  • Prayer: communication with God
  • Discipleship: a life following and obeying God
  • Ministry: using one’s gifts to serve others
  • Evangelism: to share the good news of Christ
  • Leadership: to set an example of Christian discipleship for children



Come join us on a Sunday as we live out our faith through a variety of different activities. It could be a rock concert, a spiritual gifts study or even watching a TV show and having a scripture absed discussion afterwards! Various families will host these events. Time depends on activities planned.


Youth Special Events

  • Summer Trip to Montreat
  • Winter Retreat at Camp Hopewell
  • Thanksgiving and Spring Mission trips